Guwahati Tourism and Travel Guide

Every country has at least a city or state that can represent its culture and population. A country with as huge an area and population as India, it wouldn’t be a surprise to find more than one diverse city or state that could represent India. If a list of cities were put together, Guwahati would definitely be a part of […]

Most Dangerous Countries In The World

Major headline news around the world has been filled with conflicts and violence. The average homicide rate is around 6.2 and 6.9 per 100,000 population according to Geneva Declaration on Armed Violence and Development and United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime respectively. But the following 10 countries are in their own league and are widely considered one of the […]

Brahmaputra River – Life Line of North-East India

The Brahmaputra is one of the main rivers of the Indian sub-continent that is the lifeline of northeast India and its neighbor Bangladesh. Surprisingly, this river means the son of Brahma, the Hindu god of creation-originates somewhere in southwestern Tibet near the celestial abode of the Hindu mighty lord-Shiva-Kailash Mansarovar. It is named as Yarlung Tsangpo river in its area […]

The Vibrant Festivities and Celebrations of Nagas

Nagaland is a vibrant hill state Located in the extreme North Eastern End of India. It offers rich incomparable traditional and cultural heritage. It is the land of the Naga tribes who still practice and cherish their rich cultural traditions and customs in the grandest way. The Naga tribes form a major portion of the Nagaland community. This tribal community […]

Mahabhairab Temple of Tezpur

Assam is the land of beauty adorned with the natural as well as historical fineries at the heart of North East India. One of the attractive places in Assam is Tezpur in the Sonitpur district. Added to the charm of this place are various historical monuments scattered all over. One of the significant monuments is the Mahabhairav temple which is […]

Water Bodies as Objects of Reverence

Water is the primary source of survival. Water is used in the rites de passage either as protection against evil spirits or as a pure medium.  This can be validated by the fact that in modern India, a man plants a Pipal tree near the bank of the river body believing that the leaves of the Pipal tree falling in […]

32 Best Tourist Places to Visit in Sikkim

The country’s smallest state Sikkim falls next to Goa in terms of size. The beauty of Sikkim, however, is limitless and unrivaled and that makes this state of the lower Himalayas an ideal holiday retreat for passionate vacationers. The serenity and pristine nature of the place make it a much sought-after tourist destination. This beautiful state shares a border with […]

Animal Worship in North East Indian States

The two most plausible reasons as to why animal worship is so popular are: Numerous clans have animals as their totems and therefore, they refrain from killing, eating or injuring that particular animal. People have a sympathetic feeling towards life and therefore avoid slaughtering them. The human attachment to life is perceived in the folktales. A famous folklore that is […]

Birds in the Religious Life of NE People

Many beliefs are associated with birds. It is believed that a peacock’s feather tied to a wound heals it. In addition, the feather enhances memory when kept in a book. It is a popular practice among girls to keep peacock feathers in a book, believing that it will multiply in number in due course of time. In Arunachal Pradesh, the […]